About Us

Textile Machinery Sales and Service - USA & CANADA

At Owen GLobal, our philosophy is simple

                              - We believe our customers deserve more.

Our customers are our most valuable asset. We understand that maximum performance, superior quality and constant production are necessary requirements for any successful company to maintain their edge.

That is why we believe in challenging the status quo by providing you with both the Latest Technology and Technical Support in the Braiding and Winding, Narrow Fabric and Textile Industries. 

The company HERZOG, with their long history as leader in the Braiding Machine Industry, welcomes the opportunity of providing innovative solutions to your new ideas and visions. 

The company MAGEBA, a world-leading system provider for the production of Narrow Fabrics, develops innovative, high-specification products and new technologies.

​The company JBF, offers a wide range of automated precision winding, cross-winding, hanking, balling and trimming machinery for all areas of the Winding Industry.

We offer exceptional equipment, developed using the finest materials with precision engineering to ensure superior products with reliable performance - combined with our expertise and expedient customer service.

Experience. The Difference.

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